NYC councilman wants ‘Otto Warmbier Way’ outside North Korea’s UN mission

A New York City councilman wants the street where the North Korean Mission to the United Nations is located renamed after the Cincinnati man who died in the totalitarian state, Fox News reported.

The councilman, Joe Borelli, told Fox he wants the street renamed “Otto Warmbier Way.”

“We want people to look up, see that street sign, ‘Otto Warmbier Way,’ and recall that this was a life given up essentially, in the face of an absolute dictator and authoritative government,” Borelli told Fox.

North Korea denies responsibility for injuries precipitating Warmbier’s June 13, 2017, death in Cincinnati at age 22, after he was extradited following arrest in 2016. The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office said Warmbier’s family requested no autopsy and said the cause of death was inconclusive.

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