Opinion: Dayton Public Schools need to re-earn community’s trust

Jeffrey Mims: District has to re-earn the community’s trust

The biggest challenge, I think, facing DPS right now is a trust issue the community has in terms of where we are. First of all, the unity has to come from within and we have a good core of leaders right now in the district in terms of board members and a superintendent who are working on that.

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This is not an easy task; if it was that easy, everybody would do it. But when you see progress moving in that direction, I know the city leadership, the mayor and commissioners, we’re on board in supporting them as we see them moving in the right direction. As those things continue to progress, the support from the business community, and from the clergy, from the social organizations, etc., is going to cause us to move in the direction we want to, and it’s going to benefit kids.

Mims a Dayton city commissioner and former educator.


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