Trotwood police crack down on traffic violators after survey

Speeders and other traffic violators are the focus of targeted enforcement by the Trotwood Police Department. FILE
Speeders and other traffic violators are the focus of targeted enforcement by the Trotwood Police Department. FILE

A crackdown on speeders and other traffic violators has started in Trotwood.

Police Chief Erik Wilson said the city is targeting various areas to monitor motorists after community feedback – including a survey – that gave local law enforcement mostly high marks.

The survey sent out in August 2019 by Early Express of Dayton indicated that more than 95% of respondents rated the Trotwood Police Department’s competency level at eight or better on a 10 scale, and 53% percent gave the highest score, records show.

Yet traffic issues and neighborhood safety are a shared area of worry, the survey found.

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“When reviewing the comments from the surveys, it was found that common concerns among the community are traffic issues and visibility,” the report states. “Many expressed they wish we had more officers to allow for increased patrolling and visibility. They also expressed concerns over safety, due to traffic infractions (speed, running lights, parking complaints, etc.).”

Trotwood police have started “targeting enforcement” in different parts of the community – thoroughfares, connectors, school zones and neighborhoods, Wilson said, noting that the program will run “continuously.”

Speeding was also cited as an issue by Neighborhood Watch groups, and “we’ve got to adhere to our traffic laws,” Wilson said.

He said the city cannot tolerate “people out here driving recklessly who put lives in danger.”

More than 2,500 surveys were mailed and distributed at Neighborhood Watch meetings, with 141 were completed, according to the city.

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Nearly 90% of the respondents rated the police department’s overall performance at eight or better on a 10 scale, with 52% giving the top score. That’s a 9% increase in excellent ratings from the 2017 survey, records show.

“A review of the survey results showed that the Trotwood Police Department has remained vigilant and professional in the performance of their jobs and that the Trotwood community is highly satisfied with the agency,” the report states.

The survey involved 12 questions. They included topics such as interactions with dispatchers, response times, officer professionalism and knowledge, and whether the residents’ needs were met.

In all but two questions, at least 80% of respondents gave positive reactions.

In those instances, on one question 77% of the survey takers said their needs as a victim or witness were met by the police department. On the other, 57% said they were advised of the outcome of their complaint in a timely fashion.

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Trotwood survey results about citizen interaction with the city’s police department indicated the following:

•98.3% Rated officers as knowledgeable when handling concern/complaint;

•100% Of officers rated as displaying a professional attitude and behavior;

•96.5% Felt as though the officer truly cared about resolving the issue at hand;

•96.5% Believed the officer attempted to answer all questions, and resolve the concern.