Police: Calls about Miamisburg missing woman help in search for clues

The search by federal, state and local authorities involving a missing Miamisburg woman at her last-known address did not resume Friday morning, a day after police said they had a person of interest.

The search that began Tuesday with a 14-hour effort at 551 Lower Miamisburg Road for clues about Chelsey Coe continued for several more hours Thursday, but “we did not come up with anything of real evidentiary value,” Miamisburg Police Chief John Sedlak said.

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However, police said the calls from public they have received about the case have been helpful. Anyone with information that can help the case is asked to call Sgt. Jeff Muncy at 937-847-6617.

The Thursday search involving FBI and Miamisburg police came on the same day local authorities said they had a “strong person of interest” in the case of Coe, who was 25 when she was reported missing in September 2017.

Aside from identifying the person of interest as male, authorities declined to comment further. Police did not return to the scene Friday morning.

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