Silence after father’s death led mother of missing Miamisburg woman to call police

Chelsey Coe’s failure to respond to many attempts to contact her late last summer about how her father died led to her mother filing a missing person’s report.

The autopsy results on her father — who died a few months earlier — were complete, and Shula Woodworth said she thought it was odd her daughter would not return repeated messages about new information on an issue “she wanted to know everything” about.

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“When we couldn’t get ahold of her we knew something was wrong,” Woodworth said about her daughter, a Miamisburg woman she reported missing Sept. 24, 2017 — about two weeks before her 26th birthday.

“I called every one of her friends,” she added. “I called her aunt, everybody. And nobody had heard from her.”

Woodworth said Coe “was very hurt that her dad had passed away. She wanted to know everything about it.”

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The investigation into Coe’s whereabouts has involved federal, state and local law enforcement, several extensive, public searches, including one that closed a Greene County park for three days. Yet Miamisburg police say they don’t know what happened to Coe or have any suspects in the case.

Anyone with information they think could help police are asked to call Miamisburg Sgt. Jeff Muncy at 937-847-6612.


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