Ohio lawmakers vote to end sales tax on feminine hygiene products

The Ohio House voted today to repeal sales taxes on feminine hygiene products.

The bill passed 84-1 and now heads to the Ohio Senate.

Products such as tampons and sanitary napkins will be exempt from sales tax which supporters say is an unfair tax on women.

“This is a common sense tax cut that should have been enacted long ago. It will help the women of Ohio keep more of their hard earned money. The law as it currently stands discriminated against women, and I am proud to have voted for this bill that repeals this discrimination,” said state Rep. Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg, who co-sponsors the bill.

Other states including Florida have recently taken similar measures.

Sales taxes on these products cost Ohioans $4 million a year.

A similar bill was introduced in June 2015 but did not become law.

In 2016, four Cleveland area women filed a class action lawsuit against Ohio Department of Taxation over the tax on tampons, pads and other products. They argue that the items are medically necessary. Ohio does not apply a sales tax to medicine.


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