Young’s Dairy brings ice cream to frontline health care workers

Young’s Dairy has been giving free ice cream and cheese curds to frontline health care workers from Middletown to Springfield for the past two weeks.

Meridith Bowman, who works for Young’s Dairy, said they plan to have the food truck at about 12 hospitals. Bowman predicts Young’s will have given away about 20,000 ice cream cups when all is said and done.

The food truck was at Soin Medical Center in Beavercreek on Wednesday. Friday the food truck will be at Madison Health in London.

“Everyone is so thankful,” Bowman said. “Most are saying they don’t even get a minute to take a drink of water, they’re very appreciative. And who doesn’t like ice cream?”

Kayla Holman, who started working in the out patient pharmacy at Soin in August, said the hospital has been chaotic.

“We come here everyday and do what we have to do,” Holman said. “All the departments are pulling together to get the job done.”

On Wednesday, Holman got cheese curds and ice cream from Young’s Dairy. Which is one of several treats staff have gotten since the pandemic started.

“The community has been helping people in the health care field,” Holman said.

Endoscopy nurses Trish Lewis and Crystal Watson said everyone has been so appreciative of food at the medical center.

“It’s been challenging. Things change sometimes by the hour,” Lewis said.

The Young’s team will be delivering 900 ice cream cups to Miami Valley Hospital North on Dec. 15 and 3,000 ice cream cups to the main Miami Valley Hospital on Dec. 18.

Bowman said Young’s owner, Dan Young, wanted to find a way to give back to the community during the pandemic.

“We recognize that these people have been working their butts off,” Bowman said.

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