Vending machine, food truck sandwiches recalled for missing allergen label

M&B Distributors, Inc., of Cincinnati, has announced it is recalling several of its sandwiches due to missing allergen warnings on the product labels.

The recalled sandwiches, followed by the allergen not included on the label, are:

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich, missing egg allergen
  • Cheeseburger, missing wheat, milk, sesame and soy allergens
  • Bacon Egg Cheese Croissant, missing soy allergen
  • Frisco, missing wheat allergen
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich, missing sesame allergen

The company said that other sandwiches it produces could also be included in the recall, adding that all products purchased or consumed from Jan. 6-12 are subject to recall.

Recalled sandwiches are packaged in wedge containers or wrapped in cellophane, and were sold in vending machines and food trucks throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, including Northern Kentucky.

The company was alerted to the issue during a routine inspection from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

No illnesses have ben reported due to the mislabeled sandwiches, according to the company, but it urged customers with a food allergy or sensitivity to throw them away or return it to M&B Distributors for a refund.

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