Miami County COVID vaccine allotment for next week unknown; registration delayed

Credit: Patrick Pleul

Credit: Patrick Pleul

Miami County Public Health has not been notified of its coronavirus vaccine allotment for next week, causing the agency to delay opening registration for vaccine appointments.

“Miami County Public Health has not yet received notice of the COVID-19 vaccine allotment for next weeks vaccination clinics,” Public Health shared on Twitter. “Due to this, our Thursday registration will not open.”

Instead, the agency plans to open registration on Monday, March 1, at 9 a.m. for the next round of vaccine appointments.

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Earlier this month Public Health had to keep registration closed due to a limited supply of doses. On Feb. 3 the agency announced that the doses it was received were already allocated for a clinic for people with developmental disabilities and for people who needed their second dose.

Gov. Mike DeWine previously explained that vaccine allotments are based off multiple factors, including population and vaccine supply. Most counties have multiple vaccine providers to help reach residents in different areas of each county.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, Miami Count has six vaccine providers: Public Health, Upper Valley Medical Center, two Kroger pharmacies and two CVS pharmacies.

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