Rocketry team of local high schoolers advances to national finals

A rocketry team made up of local high school students and based at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force has advanced to the American Rocketry Challenge National Finals, which will take place in Washington, D.C. on May 20.

The team, called Team Prometheus, finished first in the Ohio Cup launch with the best score out of six teams, according to the museum.

Team members include:

  • MiKayla Aaron, grade 12, Northmont High School
  • Adam Bellware, grade 12, Springboro High School
  • Dani Price, grade 12, Springboro High School
  • Xander Cottle, grade 11, homeschool
  • Evan Wall, grade 11, Fairborn High School
  • Eeshaan Pabbuleti, grade 9, Hayes High School

Museum education specialist Jennifer Hess said, “We are very excited to learn that Team Prometheus from the museum qualified in the top one hundred and one qualifiers in the nation.”

She added that the team will now decide how to approach the flights needed at the finals, one of which will be a little higher and another which will be a little lower than the Ohio Cup.

“Over the next few weeks, they will need to decide how to alter their rocket to best meet the challenge. They will make some practice launches and computer simulations to finalize their design,” Hess said.

In addition to qualifying for National Finals, the team will also enter the rocketry presentation competition, where they explain their design and show how test flight data drove decision making.

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