Body armor ordered for Kettering court probation officers to deal with ‘higher-risk’ criminals

Credit: FILE

Credit: FILE

KETTERING – Probation officers in Kettering Municipal Court will be wearing body armor in the future.

The protective equipment has been ordered as the court’s three probation officers increase their duties by performing field work involving “higher-risk offenders,” one officer said.

Probation officers in the court with jurisdiction in Centerville, Kettering, Moraine and Washington Twp. have traditionally met with criminal offenders during office visits, Kettering probation officer Chris Todd said.

“These additional duties would be home visits on higher-risk offenders and also transporting individuals from either our office or the county jail to a treatment facility,” Todd said.

“And then obviously just being out conducting field work as far as home visits” and related issues, he added.

Todd said he expects delivery of the body armor by spring.

Kettering Municipal Court’s docket includes misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases, arraignments and preliminary hearings for felonies. It also handles civil complaints up to $15,000 and small claims complaints up to $6,000, according to its website.

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