Missing Miamisburg woman’s mom: ‘Chelsey was the reason I changed my life’

Chelsey Coe’s mother fought back tears and spoke frankly in expressing the agony and loss she’s felt the past year since the disappearance of the young Miamisburg woman.

Shula Woodworth said her daughter’s birth in the fall of 1991 helped turned the Adams County woman’s world around.

“Chelsey was my first born,” Woodworth said of Coe, who grew up in Warren County and attended Springboro High School.

“And even though my other children are just as special as Chelsey, Chelsey was the reason I changed my life,” she said. “I was an alcoholic, and when Chelsey was born, I decided she was more important. So I gave Alcoholics Anonymous a chance, and I’ve been sober ever since.”

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Woodworth said her strength has been tested since reporting Coe missing Sept. 24, 2017, two weeks shy of her 26th birthday.

Since then, Coe’s whereabouts have remained a mystery to Miamisburg police, who have enlisted the help of state investigators and the FBI and have held several extensive, public searches, including at the Lower Miamisburg Road property that was her last-known address.

In the process, police have kept Woodworth abreast of their work, which so far has yielded a person of interest, but no suspects, charges or solid answers.

Woodworth said she’s grateful for the efforts of all those seeking answers and providing tips, but the process has been a strain.

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“The whole year’s been awful,” she said. “It’s been very hard to keep myself going. I just try to stay busy. Try to help others.”

“It’s just been the worst year ever,” Woodworth added. “I can’t explain it – the ups and downs…..you wonder why you weren’t there for your daughter at that time. Or where you did wrong by her. Where she went or who she was with. I want to know what (happened) to her. It’s very important to me.”

Coe’s failure to respond to many attempts to contact her late last summer about how her father died led to Woodworth filing a missing person’s report.

The autopsy results on her father — who died a few months earlier — were complete, and Woodworth said she thought it was odd that her daughter would not return repeated messages about new information on an issue “she wanted to know everything” about.

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“When we couldn’t get ahold of her, we knew something was wrong,” Woodworth said.

“I called every one of her friends,” she added. “I called her aunt, everybody. And nobody had heard from her.”

Woodworth has made impassioned pleas for the anyone with information about her daughter to come forward - even anonymously.

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“Whether it’s the last person that she stayed with or the person that picked her up or dropped her off somewhere that night,” Woodworth said. “Whatever it is, we need to know the steps. Because those are the steps that will show us where she is now.

Even “if we find her and she’s not alive anymore….the closure would then happen. And then grief and acceptance that whatever happened happened,” she added.

At the time Coe was reported missing, she was described as 5-foot-7, 150 pounds with blue eyes, blonde hair with a “Love” tattoo on her hip, and one of stars on her lower back, according to police.

Anyone with information they think could help police are asked to call Miamisburg Sgt. Jeff Muncy at (937) 847-6612.


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