Graduation 2023: Carroll senior advocates for immigrants, her community

Maria Camacho, daughter of Mexican immigrants, is headed to Brown to study public policy.

Maria Camacho is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and plans to go into public policy to advocate for her community. She is headed to Brown University in the fall through QuestBridge, a competitive scholarship which will cover the costs of four years of college, including books and housing.

“Especially with my background, my family being immigrants and just being a woman of color, it’s very important to me that you get representation,” she said. “A lot of the issues that are present in some communities that aren’t usually talked about can be represented, and there can be a direction of resources and attention to these types of issues.”

While at Carroll High School, she got involved with the Youth and Government program, speech and debate and literary magazines. Camacho focused on getting young students involved in voting and aware of political issues.

“If I were building a student from scratch, that student might end up like Maria Camacho,” said Carroll High School teacher Chris Sorrell. “She takes equal amounts of pride in her performance and the well-being of her classmates.”

She noted immigration is often brought up in political situations and it is painted in a partisan way. But Camacho believes most immigrants come to America with the intention of creating a better life for their families and kids.

“A lot of those kids work really, really hard to get to places that are just very normal for other kids,” she said. “I think it’s especially important to recognize not just the work that immigrants provide, but also the humanity. They’re people, too. They deserve to have stable homes, good income and health care, and all those things.”


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