What’s your favorite Dayton history fact? Here are 17 we’ve covered recently

Recently, in the Dayton subreddit, a question was asked: “What’s your favorite Dayton history fact?”

There were more than 100 responses, bringing up a lot of fascinating information about Dayton.

We wanted to share stories the Dayton Daily News has created in the past about some of these interesting facts.

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Here are some great facts:

Cheez-Its were invented in Dayton

• The Dayton Project developed the polonium triggers for the Manhattan Project.

• Dayton hosted the first NFL game where the Dayton Triangles beat the Columbus Panhandles.



• The electric starter in your car was invented in Dayton

• The gangster John Dillinger was arrested in Dayton.

• Opening a can of soda? The pop top for cans was invented here.

Erma Bombeck and Phil Donahue were from Dayton.

• Our music history. There would be no G Funk without Dayton Funk and Roger Troutman.

Martin Sheen was born in Dayton and Allison Janney and Rob Lowe grew up in Dayton and they would later all star together in “West Wing” on TV.

• The Dayton Accords aka Dayton Peace Accords were drafted in Dayton.

• Comedian Jonathan Winters was born in Bellbrook.

Harry Houdini once performed downtown

Mike Schmidt, perhaps the greatest third baseman ever, was born in Dayton.

• Dayton played a significant role in beating the World War II Nazi Enigma machine.

• The Ice Cube Tray with quick release lever was invented in Dayton.

• Bruce Banner — The Incredible Hulk of the Marvel comics universe — was born in Dayton.

• Comedian George Carlin met his wife in Dayton.

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