BLACK EXCELLENCE: Te’Jal Cartwright on Black men healing

While I am grateful for the physical work being done in the Black community, I’d like to shine light on the internal and spiritual healing that I have had the honor of witnessing in my community. I’d like to highlight Black men.

I have very little understanding as to what it means to be a Black man, but growing up, I saw the pain that silence inflicted on the men that I loved, the lack of opportunity to express emotions, and show up in the light in which they saw themselves. I witnessed as society (and sometimes myself) did their best to force their idea of what a Black man should look like without listening to their silent cries of emotion suppression.

I am proud to see that the work is being done to prioritize the expression of Black men, from ongoing conversations with community leader Fred Cox bringing awareness to men’s mental health, to healing through creativity exemplified by visual artist Jamaal Durr, to poet and writer Leroy Bean. Everywhere you turn, Black men in our community are breaking down the walls built to trap them in a certain image. It takes a lot of work to step outside of the norm, to go against decades of suppression and a traditional form of expression.

As we continue to celebrate Black excellence, Black history, and Black future, I’d like to encourage the community to continue to support Black men healing — because this work affects us all.

Te’Jal Cartwright is a media personality whose goal is to build community and bring healing through truth and transparency.

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