Five things: How to resign from a job

As record numbers of people voluntarily leave their jobs this year a top local career expert reminds people that there is a right way and a wrong way to resign.

Jason Eckert, who is executive director of career services at the University of Dayton, said people should try hard to leave on good terms, even if they have gripes about the company they are leaving.

Here are five tips from Eckert:

1. Always give two weeks notice.

2. Have another job lined up first.

3. Resign in a thoughtful letter to your boss and ask to meet with him or her.

4. Ask your boss or other co-workers to be references for you.

5. Be prepared when you give notice for your employer to have you leave immediately.

“I always encourage job seekers to keep the future in mind and never leave abruptly and never burn a bridge,” said Eckert.

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Five things: How to resign from a job

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