5 things to know: Finding a job, training in the pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic economic crisis threw millions out of work but as the economy improves and vaccination rates rise, more jobs are opening up.

Here are some things to know about finding work and job training that will make you more competitive in your job hunt.

1. Job and family services offices in each county and the state offer robust resources linking people with jobs and training. The state’s newly redesigned portal is at OhioMeansJobs.com.

2. Money is available to help income-eligible people and dislocated workers get training through government-funded programs offered by state and county governments. Businesses can also get training money.

3. Become proficient at networking online, including on LinkedIn, to find companies and organizations you are interested in. Set up alerts on all job websites and be ready to apply quickly.

4. Practice doing job interviews and be comfortable with video conferencing as you likely will have to do video-based interviews.

5. “Set aside time each day to focus on applications and additional networking,” said Jason Eckert, executive director of career services at the University of Dayton. “The old expression is true: Searching for a new job is itself a job.”

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5 things to know: Finding a job, training in the pandemic era

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