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Here are individual links to the Dayton Daily News’ Voters Guide for each race currently posted on our website. At the bottom is a list of races where no candidates have responded to our Voters Guide questions, plus a list of uncontested races where there is only one candidate named on the ballot.


U.S. Senate: Tim Ryan vs. JD Vance

Ohio Governor: Mike DeWine vs. Nan Whaley

Ohio Secretary of State: Chelsea Clark vs. Frank LaRose vs. Terpsehore Maras

Ohio Attorney General: Jeff Crossman vs. Dave Yost

Ohio Auditor: Keith Faber vs. Taylor Sappington

Ohio Treasurer: Scott Schertzer vs. Robert Sprague

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice: Jennifer Brunner vs. Sharon Kennedy

Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Patrick Fischer vs. Terri Jamison

Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Pat DeWine vs. Marilyn Zayas


District 10: David Esrati vs. Mike Turner

District 1: Steve Chabot vs. Greg Landsman

District 8: Warren Davidson vs. Vanessa Enoch

District 15: Mike Carey vs. Gary Josephson


District 36: Addison Caruso vs. Andrea White

District 39: Leronda Jackson vs. Phil Plummer

District 40: Amy Cox vs. Rodney Creech

District 55: Scott Lipps vs. Paul Zorn

District 56: Joy Bennett vs. Adam Mathews

District 70: Brian Lampton vs. Eric Price

District 71: Bill Dean vs. Jim Duffee

District 84: Angela King vs. Sophia Rodriguez


County Commission: Carolyn Rice vs. Jordan Wortham

County Auditor: Karl Keith vs. Karl Kordalis

County Common Pleas Judge: Kim Melnick vs. Tony Schoen

County Common Pleas Judge: Bob Hanseman vs. Angelina Jackson

County Juvenile Court Judge: Steve Abshire vs. Julie Bruns


County Commission: Nabila Babar vs. Tom Grossmann


District 4: Katie Hofmann vs. Jenny Kilgore



State Senate District 7: David Dallas vs. Steve Wilson

U.S. Congress, District 4: Jim Jordan vs. Tamie Wilson



A few of these races do have the option to write in a candidate

State Senate District 5 (Steve Huffman)

State House District 37 (Tom Young)

State House District 38 (Willis Blackshear Jr.)

State House District 80 (Jena Powell)

State House District 85 (Tim Barhorst)

State Board of Education District 3 (Charlotte McGuire)

Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge (Mary Wiseman)

Greene County Commissioner (Dick Gould)

Greene County Auditor (David Graham)

Greene County Sheriff (Scott Anger)

Greene County Common Pleas Judge (Adolfo Tornichio)

Greene County Juvenile Court Judge (Amy Lewis)

Miami County Commissioner (Ted Mercer)

Miami County Auditor (Matt Gearhardt)

Miami County Clerk of courts (Shawn Peeples)

Warren County Auditor (Matt Nolan)

Warren County Common Pleas Judge (Timothy Tepe)

Warren County Domestic Relations Judge (Jeffrey Kirby)

Warren County Judge of County Court (Gary Loxley)

Court of Appeals judge, District 2 (No challengers for any of Mary Kate Huffman, Ronald C. Lewis, or Mike Tucker)

Court of Appeals judge, District 12 (No challengers for either Robin Piper or Mike Powell)

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